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Composting of organic resources and farm by-products is extremely important as it impacts on the future sustainability of agriculture. Conventional farming played an important role in improving food productivity to meet human demands by the environment has paid a huge cost in degraded soils and waterways. Composting is nature’s way of recycling nutrients and carbon to improve soil quality and productive capacity.

We ferment organic waste and turn it into our valuable fertilizers. We ferment ingredients from local piggeries, feedlots, sawmills, citrus farms, potato farms & saw mills. This allows us to keep costs down in our products along with using all this otherwise wasted material into soil rejuvenation.

Ag-Plus have been composting now for 16 years and have a wealth of experience in this field. Having experienced both methods of composting the fermentation approach is far and above the most efficient technique that I have seen. We have growers also doing their own composting on farm making use of their own organic wastes and farm by-products. If this is of interest please contact us to help you through this process.

We use the fermentation composting techniques developed by Austrian based company Multikraft Probiotic microbial consortium. This process provides three key advantages:

Benefits of Multikraft Compost

Compost is the end product of the fermentation of various biogenic wastes and with the help of Multikraft Micro-organisms, our compost matures anaerobically, it is not ventilated. Multikraft Compost when added to the soil promotes the microbial activity, invigorating the physical, chemical and biological condition of the soil to improve yield and quality of the harvest.

Multikraft Compost

Regular Compost​

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