Liquid Fertilisers

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Balance and Compatibility with Soil Nutrition

Ag-Plus Consulting Pty Ltd has a wealth of knowledge and works closely with liquid suppliers that can offer growers an edge and are very unique within their field. Our major partner in the liquid field is Stoller Australia. Stoller products are based on a deep knowledge in Plant Physiology and its practical applications to increase quality and yield in a variety of crops. Founded by American Jerry Stoller, which focused on the understanding the genetic expression of plants His extensive research is focused on:

Product Brochures

MMS Products

Nutri-Key Tri-Shuttle ZIM

Nutri-Key Copper Shuttle

AgPlus Potassium Silicate

SeaChange Liquid Kelp

Nutri-Key Shuttle Seven

NTS Tri-Kelp

Stoller Root Feed

Stoller Flower Power

Sett Cab

Stoller ZM2 / ZM2 + Iron

Stoller Aqua Cal

Stoller Bio Forge / Foli-Zyme

Stoller Bio Hold

Stoller BudFeed Plus

Stoller CoMo

Product Contacts

Tim ODea (Director)
0429 112 225 | Fax 07 30413230
Simon Ewald (Crop Monitor )
Peter Hunsley (Sales Representitive )

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