Powdered Fertiliser

Powdered Fertiliser Feat

We have a raw humate that has a pH of between 2- 4 that is naturally mined that we can blend to stimulate minerals such as : lime, gypsum, rock phosphate, basalt dusts etc. We base these products used on soil test results.

The Raw Humate is a brown oxidizing coal and is unique as the carbon minerals have not been put under and pressure or extreme heat allowing all the microbial life in the dormant state. Once these organisms are activated via oxygen the values of of the mineral leonardite become a living organism that will stimulate inactive soils.

It is a great source of organic carbon, humic acid & has high levels of total fungi and bacteria ideal for increased matter conversion & root growth.

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Tim ODea (Director)
0429 112 225 | Fax 07 30413230
Simon Ewald (Crop Monitor )
Peter Hunsley (Sales Representitive )

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