Soil Pro Grid Mapping

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“Know Your Soil”

  • Farmers operate in a highly variable environment and industry leaders are constantly searching for better information and technology solutions to help improve productivity and profitability. Soil quality is an important environmental variable that is largely under our control and is commonly measured and adjusted to improve crop health and resilience.
  • Understanding that better information supports better decisions is the main reason AgPlus Consultancy have introduced Soil Pro™ Grid mapping to the tree crop industries in the region. To create Soil Pro™ Grid maps we have combined Wintex 2000 precision soil coring hardware with nutrient mapping software from the U.S., AgPlus Director Tim O’Dea explains. The system is delivering easy-to-understand graphical images, values and recommendations on 21 separate soil variables.
  • Soil Pro™ grid mapping assists precision farming and sustainability by picking up the range of variations in soil quality across the farm. This represents a substantial improvement over the usual method of taking random soil cores and submitting a single sample to the soil laboratory. Ben Itzstein, AgPlus agronomist responsible for the Soil Pro™ field service, says “rather than using an averaged rate across the field, soil variability can be treated specifically with an appropriate product and rate that is required for optimum balance”. “As a result, growers can avoid unnecessary waste or under-application of soil conditioners and fertilizer and exercise much better cost control across the farm” Ben added.

For Further Information Contact:
Tim O’Dea – 0429 112225
Ben Itzstein – 0427 410509

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